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What is the Provider Portal?
The Provider Portal is the online resource for Roadside Assistance Providers. It is your centralized resource for all business interactions with, and news updates from Allstate Roadside Services.
Benefits of Using the Provider Portal
RoadSmart Dispatch
RoadSmart allows you to receive dispatches instantly, faster than phone or fax. Jobs can be sent directly to drivers’ mobile phones.
Payment Services
Submit and track invoices from our convenient online payments site.
Tools & Resources
Get access to tow specifics of high-end and luxury vehicles. Be up-to-date on news and information from Allstate Roadside Services.
Move Over, Slow Down Video

Every week a provider is tragically killed in the line of duty. Allstate Roadside Services is proudly committed to Provider Safety Awareness. Check out our video promoting the Move Over, Slow Down laws. Watch Now

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